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Ceiling fresco in the monastery Ettal

The monastery Ettal in the "Ammergebirge" is located in the South-East of Oberammergau. The monastery was founded in 1330 by emperor Ludwig the Bavarian.


Near to Ettal Ludwig II decided to erect a castle like right out of a fairytale: Linderhof. To enjoy the music by his friend Richard Wagner a artificial grotto was built...

Bedroom in castle Linderhof
Castle Neuschwanstein

Another fairytale castle for the same guy: Neuschwanstein.
It is remarkable to know that all of these monumental buildings were only used by the monarch by himself. He was the only person which attented the performances in the grotto. It had to be warmed up for at least three days in advance to reach the needed 20 degrees Celsius...


The church "Zum gegeißelten Heiland auf der Wies" ("To the Flagellated Savior on the Meadow", built around 1750) is opulent, but more discrete than the monastery Ettal. Affectionately created frescos represent a dignified home for many miracle seekers.

Ceiling fresco in the "Wieskirche"
Honemakery at open air museum Glentleiten

An astonishing museum is located in Glentleiten near Großweil. Workshops and farm houses were faithfully transfered from their original places into a huge area. A view into some of these old cottages makes this buildings of the past looking like doll's houses.