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Lyon, view from the basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Fourvičre
Lyon and Surroundings, October 1999

Lyon is one of the biggest cities in France and is located on the gathering of Rhône and Saône


Lyon is build on ruins of old Roman settlements. That is why you can find here and in the surroundings many vestiges by the old Romans. The name Lyon derives from the old province capital Lugdunum, which was located here some centuries ago.

The great theater of Lugdunum

Also St-Romain-en-Gal has been an old Roman town. Today there is a wonderful museum. In the outside area you can see remains but also partially reconstructed houses and everything else belonging to the Roman live. This includes some really nice mosaics


We recommend a trip to Le Puy (in English: "The Peak"). Remarkable is the statue Notre-Dame-de-France, a monument moulded in 1860 from the cannons of the Krim war. The view shows the church St-Michel-d'Aiguilhe out of the 12th century, completely covering a former volcano.

Fourvičre at night

At night about 150 sights of Lyon are illumenated. So a walk through Lyon in the evening is always a special event.