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The eternal cake dough.
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  Breeding and Care Baking Tips FAQ

Can I freeze Herman?

No problem. Simply put one of the on the 10th
day splitted doughparts in a freezable
container and freeze it.
Important: Don't forget the breeding
day (day 1, 2, ...) as the day of freeze!
If you feel appetite growing up for Herman,
unfreeze and continue to breed and
care on the next day, depending on the
breeding day you noticed on the day of freeze.

I forgot to stir up Herman. Does Herman resent?

Well, it might happen. Please make up as possible.
We heard, that two missing stir ups lead to death of Herman.

What exactly is Herman?

Herman is a special dough.
Also known as "Amish Friendship Bread", a small
pot of dough is fed up and will be splitted on a special day.
You keep one part (as basis for a new generation),
the other parts will be given away to good friends.
Simply ask all your friends: one of them breeds and
cares for a Herman by himself or know another person, who does.
Good luck on your quest!